Take part in the Globe Inn’s Virtual Pub Quiz

Please note: we’d suggest using a pc/laptop for the quiz and a mobile phone/tablet if available

1. Open our live video

This will be live from 7.20pm. You will need to click the “Click to unmute” button at the bottom of the page to make sure you have your sound on – if you cannot see this button then just hover your mouse over the video and it should appear.

Click here to open video on your pc/laptop – https://www.pscp.tv/globeinnpub/

2. Open our quiz answer sheet

At 7.30pm the quiz will start. Click this link to start the quiz – http://globeinnpub.co.uk/quiz1/. Either open this in a separate window on your pc/laptop or, even better, open this on your mobile or tablet (that way you can watch the live screen on your pc/laptop and answer on your phone/tablet)

Other tips:

  • Choose your team name at the start and ensure you put this on every answer page and keep it EXACTLY the same (if you change it we will not be able to combine your scores!)
  • When you open the live video you can then sign up to Periscope. If you sign up you will be able to chat (type) to everyone else playing along with the quiz
  • We’d suggest you have the video open on a computer and then the answer page open on a mobile or tablet
  • If you are having any issues with the quiz you can email us info@globeinnpub.co.uk
  • If the video stops but the sound continues then we’ll just keep going until the video catches up. If it all stops then we’ll restart the video so just reload the link to the video above
  • The quiz should last no more than 90 mins